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Further Advice

Further Advice on remedies

Only one remedy is given at a time and It may be given in small tablets or in a liquid in a bottle.
Due to the sensitivity of the remedy, please allow a gap of at least 20 minutes before and after eating, drinking or cleaning your teeth when taking it.
The remedies must be stored in a dark, cool place and away from strong smells, i.e. not in kitchen/bathroom.
Certain substances such as peppermint or excess coffee may prevent the remedy from acting effectively or may even possibly antidote it. Try to avoid these for a few days around time of taking remedy.
The tablets are sucrose (lactose free) and preferably should not be touched but administered using a clean spoon and left to dissolve on the tongue. The liquid remedy will come with full instructions on how to take.  

 If unsure about how to take your remedy, please contact me.

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