Sylvia Goddard



Fees ( 1st Oct 09)

First Consultation 55   Follow Up 40 (Concessionary Fees available for the unwaged)
First Consultation 35   Follow up 30

Payment may be made by cash/cheque.  Please make cheques payable to Sylvia Goddard.  I do not have credit card/switch facilities.  Receipts are available please ask.

Other charges
A charge may be made for calls that result in a telephone consultation for different complaints (not being currently treated), acute complaints i.e. colds, flu, injury, and a remedy is prescribed and sent. Or if I have not seen you for some time and a new remedy is required, prescribed and sent, this is usually a nominal charge of 5.00.  However, I will let you know if it is not possible to prescribe over the telephone and would advise you to make an appointment.

Tel: Sylvia Goddard - 01799 524 806 or e-mail: sylvia@sylviagoddard.co.uk