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Homeopathy treats the individual rather than the disease and looks at the cause and effect the illness has on you as a whole person and not just your symptoms or disease. For this reason a remedy will be chosen to suit you as an individual and not just for the complaint or disease you are suffering from. This is why different remedies may be used to help similar complaints in different people. Homeopathic remedies are not addictive and produce no side effects.  For further information on how to take your remedy click here.

What should I expect to happen?
After taking a homeopathic remedy, different people respond in different ways. You may notice an immediate feeling of well being or you may feel more tired and need to rest for a day or so before feeling an improvement. You may feel more emotional or hungrier. Occasionally, physical symptoms may be temporarily worse at first before steadily improving. This is a good indication that the remedy is acting and the body is responding favourably to the treatment. The homeopathic process of self-healing may often be expressed by a gentle externalisation, so any discharge (emotional or physical), a rash or even a cold is part of this process of healing. You may also find that symptoms of illness you have had in the past may temporarily reappear.  Again these symptoms are part of the healing process and should not be interfered with but left to disappear on their own.
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