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Treatment (Cont)

Further Treatment Advice.

How long will my treatment last?
Many complaints can be treated quickly and effectively especially in acute illnesses, i.e. colds, flu, earache, etc.  Chronic complaints that a patient has had for a long time, perhaps years, may need treatment over a period of months or longer, but this is very dependent upon the complaint.  In most instances there is a response and some improvement quite quickly.  In order to assess your response to the remedy, I encourage you to arrange a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after your first consultation, unless this has been prearranged.

What about my GP?
I would recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP, and you may wish to inform your GP that you are undergoing homeopathic treatment. Although homoeopathy has a different approach and outlook, your GP is equipped to make diagnosis, arrange any necessary tests or x-rays, which I do not have the experience or facilities to do. The role of your GP is important, and both homeopath and GP can work together to provide a complete service for you.

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